Spiritual Mentoring Class

A Two Month Mentoring Course

Are you yearning to find the real you?
Do you feel the call to explore spirituality more deeply?
Would you like to live a more joy filled life?

May 15 – July 9th, 2023

Laura VasuDevi

I assist people to achieve their best by connecting them with their limitless ver evolving soul. 

Working with our soul, and our guidance, and accessing our divine blueprint allows us to live our best life

What You’ll Experience:

  • Get to Know the real you
  • Awaken your spirit
  • Heal your witch wound
  • Connect with the divine in nature
  • Work with unconditionally loving guides
  •  Ignite Your Intuition 
  • Connect with a beautiful community
Me Laura wearing a beanie, with long blond hair. aged 45

Laura VasuDevi
Holistic Healer


Over 7 hours of live sessions

Monday 15th May, 29th May 12th June 6-8.30 pm

3 sessions to do in your own time

A beautiful workbook, to assist you on your journey

Guided meditations

A day retreat In Northampton or surrounding area: Sunday 9th July


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