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My journey into energetic healing started over 20 years ago. After viral fatigue which was not improving through traditional medicine, I started to explore energetic therapies. (Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, and Reiki)

The impact holistic therapy had was so profound that I felt called to study and explore this further. However it was at the start of 2014 when my true calling came to me. While working as a retail buyer, managing special projects, I took a 10-day break to go on a spiritual retreat to the south of India. This was truly life changing and the start of an awakening. 

I then spent the next 5 years studying intensely with Shanti Mission, a Worldwide school for the soul, based just outside of Sydney Australia. In 2019 I completed one of my biggest life goals, to become an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist. Along the way I also trained as a Crystal Dreaming™ practitioner, a unique modality allowing clients to journey into past life and unconscious events to heal trauma.

The Wound is Where the Light Enters You”