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Laura is an experienced Healer, she works intuitively with the subtle body to provide deep healing. This is offered through 1-2-1 Chakra work, Shamanic Crystal Dreaming, and Group Meditations.

Laura studied intensively with The Shanti Group (a school for the soul) based outside of Sydney Australia, after having an awakening experience in India in 2014.  Her life has been transformed into one of joy, service and love, through meditation and healing, and she is passionate about sharing these tools with those ready to embark on their healing journey. 

Laura has a unique and powerful ability that allows her to ‘tune in’ to things about yourself you weren’t even aware of. The healing she facilitated was the deepest and most profound that I have ever experienced. I can’t recommend he highly enough.

Client testimonial 2021

The Wound is Where the Light Enters You”