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My journey into energetic healing started over 20 years ago. After viral fatigue which was not improving through traditional medicine, I started to explore energetic therapies. (Homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, and Reiki)

The impact holistic therapy had was so profound that I felt called to study and explore this further. However it was at the start of 2014 when my true calling came to me. While working as a retail buyer, managing special projects, I took a 10-day break to go on a spiritual retreat to the south of India. This was truly life changing and the start of an awakening. 

I then spent the next 5 years studying intensely with Shanti Mission, a Worldwide school for the soul, based just outside of Sydney Australia. In 2019 I completed one of my biggest life goals, to become an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist. Along the way I also trained as a Crystal Dreaming™ practitioner, a unique modality allowing clients to journey into past life and unconscious events to heal trauma.

I spent much of my career working as a product developer and buying manager. The highlights involved working with wonderful people and travelling the world looking at new and innovative designs. I managed small teams and was responsible for multi million pound ranges, including on-boarding new ranges to one of the largest UK retailers. In 2013 I started training in alternative therapies, and since 2016 have worked part-time in buying to support my studies and passion for healing.

My qualifications include:

  • Ignite Your Spirit Therapist
  • Crystal Dreaming™ Practitioner 2017
  • Advanced Crystal Dreaming™ Practitioner 2021
  • Crystal Dreaming™ Teacher 2021
  • Reiki Level 1

I have over 10,000 clinic hours, I am supervised, and fully accredited by the IICT.

I am a published author, writing a short story for unfolding journeys, (available at Amazon and book depository). And I am a regular contributor to the Happy Hood, a local zine.

I love travelling, exploring and learning. Being born under the sun and rising sign of Sagittarius means that I love not only exploring the outer world but also the inner world. I have always had a passion for philosophy and theology. This love of travel and independence is balanced by my moon in Cancer, which gives me a great love for my home, for family life and creating beauty around me.

I have a teenage son, who is my biggest teacher, he is kind, wise and a lot of fun to be around. I have learnt how to parent consciously, and I’m a big believer in the awesomeness of the future generations. Working on ourselves is the biggest gift we can give to our children.

My hobbies include walking in nature, swimming, horse riding, skiing, cooking and baking.

What People Say

Laura has been a great help with a frozen shoulder, I’ve found that my chronic injury is really helped by energetic healing. This modality has also been helpful for boosting confidence in public speaking. I’ve found Laura to be professional, skilled and easy to relate to. I would certainly recommend her for help in a crisis or for more in depth personal growth

Libby, Clinical Director CiC

Laura is an amazing and gentle Healer. I had various great experiences with her in Guided Meditation Healings and Crystal Dreaming™. She has an amazing gift of intuition where all the needs I came with where met and I felt amazing and uplifted after every session!

Sabine, Germany

I was privileged to attend a morning meditation facilitated by Laura VasuDevi recently. What a truly astonishing, uplifting and perfect way to start the day. The beautiful intentions delivered with bubbling enthusiasm continue to bring love & joy into my days. With so much gratitude

Jo, Manager of an Independent

Laura is an amazing therapist who is highly intuitive, extremely easy to talk to & very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend anyone comes to see her for healing work, especially for issues that are more difficult to shift.


Laura makes you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in. She is personable and friendly and she related to everything I was talking about which enables you to relax and trust her. Her methods are so powerful and I felt so much clearer as soon as she started working with me. In the days and weeks that followed, I felt brighter, more positive and more confident and I am going to go back to Laura every month so that I continue to feel centred and balanced!

Vasu Devi is an amazing healer and I loved my crystal dreaming™! She lovingly and intuitively holds space allowing access to those parts of self that need it the most. If you’d like to feel more of the greatness you hide inside this will guide you clearing the way

Pertiwi, Artist & Healer

I had an incredible Crystal Dreaming™ session with Laura. She’s a powerful and intuitive healer with a lot of mastery. I’d highly recommend working with her if you get the chance – our session has stayed with me as a very special and profound experience.

Premananda, Writer

Laura is exceptionally good at what she does. Her calm voice guides you through wonderful meditations that are like journeys of relaxation for the mind. Somehow they are always relevant to your energy that day, which she is cleverly able to tap into. Highly recommend this calming, energising experience..it’s the ultimate way to let go and de-stress.

Tania, Health & Wellness Consultant

Laura is very insightful in a straightforward way that makes it possible for her to clear blockages that cannot be accessed otherwise. She is greatly contributing to my journey to wellbeing and a more joyful and spiritual life.


Laura is so talented at what she does, and very expertly guided me through this healing, spiritual journey. At all times I trusted Laura and felt safe, even though it was a completely different experience to anything I’ve done before. It was truly incredible and insightful, and I highly recommend this, for understanding your true path and what makes your soul sing!


Laura has a unique and powerful ability that allows her to ‘tune in’ to things about yourself you weren’t even aware of. The healing she facilitated was the deepest and most profound that I have ever experienced. I can’t recommend he highly enough.

Working with Laura is one of the best things I have ever done! It has been a great experience and helped me in every area of life

Hayley, Director of Arts, Forestry Commission

I had an amazing crystal dreaming™ session with Laura – a really uplifting experience that I’d recommend to anybody!

Carly, Social Worker

I had a session with Laura and I am feeling FANTASTIC! It was better than I could imagine, the work with Laura is priceless. I am more relaxed and at peace in my heart.

Katka, London

You owe it to yourself at least once to experience Crystal dreaming. Guided safely and with a gentle hand by Laura, it allows for deep penetration of issues that may never have been healed otherwise. I was left full of light and totally uplifted

Jen – Hospitality Manager, London 

The experience I have had been blessed with today was beyond heart touching and I feel SO clean and aligned with all my physical body, Chakras and more.
The session was filled with pure love, light with wonderful depth, clarity and explanation of what was happening/going to happen. Pure gentleness was felt even though deep, deep processes occurred.
Laura is friendly, gentle and nurturing with a pure heart of golden service, sharing her passion to help others let go of all that is no longer required and beyond

Natasha – Chef

Laura guides you gently and safely to clear old patterns that are no longer serving your higher purpose. This opens the way for new guidance and clarity on what your purpose is and made me feel so deeply connected to my spiritual team. I could go further than in personal meditations because Laura made me feel held and protected. Highly recommended!!!

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