I am passionate about helping people to thrive, but I know life can be difficult, busy, stressful and demanding. I am here to help you shine in the world.

Therapy and healings are a great way to get support, just as we may see a business coach, or personal trainer, I am here to help you. I work with professionals who are juggling busy careers, relationships, family life and want to be the best version of themselves in all areas.

I use proven tools and techniques to help people like you, ditch the stress, and find real meaning and joy in life.

If you would like support in any area of your life, check out my services below and get in touch.

Energy Healing – Ignite Your Spirit Therapy

Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) is a form of spiritual counselling which practically and sensitively assists people to release blocks in their mind, body and energy field which are causing limitation or frustration.  Ignite Your Spirit Therapy focuses on the 8 main chakras, which hold energetic patterns. Using a combination of affirmations and energetic work, these blockages can be cleared and replaced with positive energy. 

Prices start from £75 for a single session 

Crystal Dreaming™

Crystal Dreaming™ is a unique modality allowing clients to journey into past life and unconscious events to heal trauma.  The client lays in a specially designed crystal mandala, which creates a powerful portal. When all trauma is healed, clients can access guides, ascended masters, light code upgrades and much more. I offer sessions from my home in Northampton, by pre arranged times in Brighton (next sessions being booked 20th & 21st Nov) and for groups I can travel, please enquire.

These sessions are truly transformative

Prices Start from £108 for 1 session

Group Meditation

Group meditation is a powerful and affordable way to transform your life. Many people think meditation is not for them, perhaps sitting still and focussing is tricky, perhaps you’re not quite sure of the process or the result.

With group meditation, you don’t need any experience, and it’s best to remember that a quiet mind is the end goal not the starting point. When we meditate as a group we access a much greater power than when we meditate alone. Joining a group offers you a regular practice and, when guided by an experienced teacher who works with subtle energies, the benefits are tangible.

“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day – unless you’re too busy; then you should sit for an hour.” – Zen Proverb

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