Maha Kali; The Goddess of Destruction


Having a daily practice is so helpful

Every weekday morning I host 30 mins of Kali chanting via zoom at 7.30 am Uk time

This is free for anybody to join

The Seva of doing this has kept me happy healthy and in spiritual growth over the past 18 months

I am so grateful to have been asked to offer this Seva

If you would like to join me check out the zoom link

MahaKali is one of my favourite Hindu Goddesses, she is the Goddess of destruction, she is powerful beyond our comprehension. It is said that she rules over, power, time, life, death, rebirth, and liberation.

She is the consort to Shiva, God of consciousness, and is often depicted conquering him, through sexual union. Through the tantric practice of chanting to MahaKali, we begin to find bliss and wholeness. We ask that any separation and dis-ease within us is transformed by the healing powers of Kali.

Published by Laura Hamblyn Holistic Therapist

I live in the UK, in a large town north of London, I am devoted to my spiritual path, and I’ve discovered that real joy comes from service, I am a qualified healer and therapist, meditation teacher, a vegan chef, and a solo mother to a wonderful child.

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