Love Matters

Life is nothing but an opportunity for love to blossom

It is so easy to get caught up with life

Building  careers

Buying a house, maybe buying another house


Being busy

But does any of this really matter?

For sure we are living in a physical dimension so a certain amount of practicality makes life easier

But does it actually matter?

For me love matters

Loving myself matters

Loving myself is a journey

One that has some ouchy bits

But a journey that brings more richness & joy to my life

Serving matters

Helping others, allows my heart to open more

Allows me to feel connected and whole

Allowing love to blossom 

Takes courage

We have to be vulnerable to love the unlovable

It’s not always an easy path

But for me, it’s the right path

Sending you all love

Wishing you a beautiful weekend

And remember 


And no one else gets to tell you otherwise

Published by Laura Hamblyn Holistic Therapist

I live in the UK, in a large town north of London, I am devoted to my spiritual path, and I’ve discovered that real joy comes from service, I am a qualified healer and therapist, meditation teacher, a vegan chef, and a solo mother to a wonderful child.

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