How can Healing Past Life Trauma, Heal us?

a person setting up a crystal mandala

Have you ever wondered who you have been in your past lives?  Do you feel like you’ve known your partner, sister, or friend before? Do you meet some people and take an instant dislike to them?  Old souls or new, it is more than likely that we have all been here many times before.

Many religions share teachings around past lives (Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Kabalah Judaism), whilst others believe that this life is it, and these teachings are focused around heaven and hell (Islam, Christianity, Judaism)

While the major teachings of Christianity don’t subscribe to reincarnation, I have found that many people who have been brought up Christian or in predominantly Christian countries are open to this idea.  

I have always believed in reincarnation; perhaps I had memories of lives as a child, but it wasn’t something I paid that much attention to until I had experiences of my own past lives. These were so vivid and real, that I wanted to explore and understand how unlocking and healing trauma from past lives can assist us in our life today.

So, what is the soul?

My belief is that all of us are a soul having a human experinece and that our soul wants to learn and grow, and so arranges situations and relationships for us here on earth in order for us to know ourselves better.

Why does the soul come to earth?

We come to earth to learn and grow. Earth is a playground for our soul and every time we come to earth, we make choices that affect our karma, (I like to think that karma isn’t a good or bad thing, but simply balance). It is said when we lead a life full of good deeds and do only good things, we will achieve the everlasting reward of Moksha.

What is Moksha?

Moksha, also known as Mukti or Vimoksha or Vimukthi, is a state of being where one achieves enlightenment. It is a state where our soul is released from the cycle of birth death and rebirth and  we become one with the bliss of the divine 

Of course, we have the religious scriptures to teach us, but as someone who likes to have evidence before believing in something, how can we know that reincarnation and past lives are real? In short, we don’t. However, my personal experiences are enough for me to have a strong faith in these teachings. Not only have I had recollections of past lives, and facilitated many clients doing the same, there are also some amazing stories of children being born and recalling their past incarnations, knowing who they were and how they died, which when fact-checked, add up. If you would like to read more on this you can do so here

There are also many stories of people who have had near-death experiences, and when returned to their bodies are able to recall soul lives or life after death. This is not something I have known but it fascinates me.

How can past life regression therapy help?

The work I do as a Crystal Dreaming™ practitioner has allowed me to re-live my own past lives and those of others. This is a process in which a client lies in a specifically designed crystal mandala and is guided on a shamanic journey.  I wrote about a past life as an Egyptian priestess in an article a couple of years ago. This experience and the healing of the trauma ended a desire to not be fully present here on earth. you can read it here

angel crystals and a painting

When I facilitate a Crystal Dreaming™ session most of my clients will begin to undergo some aspect of a life that is significantly different from this life, i.e., they may be a different gender and age, or see themselves looking completely different. They may feel strong emotions and recall how they felt in this life.  There will be some kind of healing that when complete, clears a block in someone’s life, or there may be a relationship they can better understand.  I have found that we have all lived many many lives and my understanding of my own,  some good, some not so good; some lives where I have been deceitful, greedy, or villainous, and others where I have been the victim, and some where I’ve been more virtuous, understanding this has helped me be less judgmental and have more compassion toward others; recognising the importance of doing good deeds, whilst also understanding that life isn’t to be taken too seriously, that each life is like a drop in the ocean.

One of the things I find most helpful from this work is understanding relationships and people I meet that I have big feelings for; both love and hate! 

Most people think of a soul mate as their one true love but this is not something I subscribe to. I think we all have many soul mates and our soul family are those people who have chosen to reincarnate with us during this time to help our souls learn and grow.  I recently found myself feeling instantly at home with some beautiful Sikh warriors and, other than a devoted spiritual path, we had little in common, yet I felt I knew these people, they were my people. Recently I have seen a past life where I was also a  Sikh warrior, dying young and I had not yet learned the sacred mantras of the tradition. My family at the time vowed to teach me, and so our souls have found each other again and here I am learning beautiful mantras and widening my spiritual knowledge. 

Being intuitive and able to perceive past lives is a part of my role as a healer that I love. It fascinates me and no two days are ever the same; the learning and growing is out of this world (literally) and I am passionate about helping others heal with the tools and intuition I have gained from my spiritual path.

I offer personal Crystal Dreaming ™ sessions In Northampton, or advanced sessions via zoom. If you would like to know more about your soul’s destiny this could be the perfect journey for you.  And if you are a therapist that would love to add Crystal Dreaming™ to your tool kit, I am running training courses on the 24th – 26th of March and the 8-10th September

you can read more about it here or message me for more information.

Published by Laura Hamblyn Holistic Therapist

I live in the UK, in a large town north of London, I am devoted to my spiritual path, and I’ve discovered that real joy comes from service, I am a qualified healer and therapist, meditation teacher, a vegan chef, and a solo mother to a wonderful child.

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