My Story: From Depression to Joy

Me Laura wearing a beanie, with long blond hair. aged 45

I am Laura, a spiritual healer; something that was not in my life plan at all. My journey is an interesting one and looking back, I can see how so many parts of my story are an integral part of who I am. 

 My Healing Journey started in my early twenties, but it was my spiritual journey, and awakening that changed my life to one of joy and, service, and I am passionate about sharing this with the world.  For anyone wanting to know more about the experiences in my life that lead me to seek out this path, read on…

I am the middle child; I have an older sister Aimee (who is also a spiritual healer and doula) and a younger brother Tim, and we grew up in a small town in north Buckinghamshire. Our parents divorced when I was 7, and my Dad remarried, bringing a step-sister and brother into my life. 

I have mixed memories of my early childhood, and it’s taken several years of healing to unlock some of the more painful ones. My dad was depressed, often away or asleep and I don’t recall spending much time with him. My mum was struggling to raise 3 lively kids, with limited resources, and her own struggles, so I went from being an innocent child to an over-responsible one fairly instantly around the time my parents split.

I had a love of horses and nature; I would often be outside on my bike, or as I got older finding refuge with the horses, and at the stables, mucking out.  I resented the time spent at my dad’s house and ran away a few times. I found his Christian beliefs a real challenge and would insist that I didn’t believe in God, and felt like being an atheist was a label that worked. 

By the time I was 12, I was suffering from depression; I had changed school, from a comprehensive to an all-girls private school and I really struggled with the transition. I was overweight, angry, and miserable. I hated my father, and a lot of other people, and, looking back, I am pretty sure I hated myself.  I am also dyslexic, which was undiagnosed at this time, so school wasn’t much fun, and I am grateful to a few amazing teachers, who kept me in school; I think there were also quite a few who would have liked me to be expelled! 

I didn’t realise I was depressed. I knew I got sick more than my peers, missed a lot of school, and slept a lot but it felt very normal to feel sad inside.  This feeling of depression came in waves, but even though I had no idea it was there some of the time, there was always an underlying feeling of dread.

As with most teens, there was light in the form of friendships, and some interesting social situations. I went to Leeds university and got a 2:1 in politics and a severe stomach problem from excessive partying, and it was also at university that I met Jenny who was fundamental in my spiritual journey.

My first proper job was working as a merchandiser for an international homewares company.  I stayed there for 11 years and during this time I met my ex-husband, and had my son.  I transitioned to buying and traveled the world working with internationally renowned designers, and filling my kitchen with beautiful samples and artifacts.  While this was an amazing job to have, it didn’t nourish my soul, and I knew it wasn’t my calling. 

I was lucky to get voluntary redundancy, and we left London to start a new life in Northampton, not far from where I grew up.  I worked as a business development manager for Argos, introducing and growing new categories and it was then that I really started to think about what I wanted from life. I began to get a glimmer of the future I wanted and to believe I could be happier.  I split with my husband and started to build a new life.

In 2014 I joined Jenny on a life-changing trip to India and during this trip began to awaken, and my life started to change dramatically with the help of regular Energy Healing. I returned home with a love of the Divine in my heart and I recall waking up a few months after this trip and realising I was no longer depressed, and knowing that my life was and always would be so much brighter. 

18 months later I left Argos, took my son out of school, and went on a pilgrimage to Australia, America, and India.  I was able to reconnect with my son and spend time enjoying him.  During my time in Australia, I was given the spiritual name VasuDevi (a name that helps to awaken my spirit) and my calling as a disciple of the divine mother was born.

When we returned, I increased my studies, while working freelance part-time and volunteering at a center for Northampton’s most vulnerable.  

In 2019 I finished my studies in energy healing and started to practice as an Ignite Your Spirit Therapist. Helping people heal is my calling and, along with raising my son, I believe this is my dharma, (my purpose). Helping clients move through challenges, just as I have done myself, is a blessed life to have.  Despite all the pain and difficulties, I wouldn’t change anything, as this has made me who I am, and I love being here on earth. My struggles have given me an understanding of the struggles we all face as humans, and this has helped me help others.

My story isn’t unique; so many people I work with tell me similar stories. Life is challenging, yet with the right help, it can be joyous, beautiful, and abundant. We are empowered humans who can create the life we want, and when we change our energy, we can change our life. I have changed mine, and having teachers and friends who have changed theirs, has been a real inspiration to me on my journey.

If my story resonates with you, in any way, drop me an email, and let’s discuss how I can help you.

  • Me Laura wearing a beanie, with long blond hair. aged 45

Published by Laura Hamblyn Holistic Therapist

I live in the UK, in a large town north of London, I am devoted to my spiritual path, and I’ve discovered that real joy comes from service, I am a qualified healer and therapist, meditation teacher, a vegan chef, and a solo mother to a wonderful child.

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