Are Ghosts Real?

I love it when people say to me, do you believe in ghosts? It’s often the start of a fascinating conversation about the paranormal. I always have believed, and I can recall as a child dabbling with Ouija boards and the like (not something I recommend now knowing what I know).

This article aims to explain briefly my understanding and experiences working with spirit attachments, ghosts, demons, and entities.  This article may leave you wanting to know more or with lots of questions. It hasn’t been possible to write everything here, and I am still learning; it feels like an inexhaustible subject. 

man and woman in field joke about being spiritual

What are entities and spirit attachments?

The dictionary definition of an entity is: “A thing with distinct and independent existence”.

Just as there are many different types of people, animals, and plants, and we each have energy bodies, there are many different types of beings in the unseen world. Some are archangels and light beings, and others have lower vibrations, such as demons, dark wizards as well as everything in between.

When I am talking about entities and spirit attachments, I am generally referring to beings that are not unconditionally loving.  There is a thick soup of astral beings out there and it can feel exciting to connect to beings and believe they are here to help us but unless they are unconditionally loving, then they will have their own agenda. Examples of unconditionally loving beings are Jesus Christ, The archangels, Buddha, QuanYin, Kali Ma, Mother Mary, and many more. However, simply being told by the being that they are said being, doesn’t guarantee they are! 

The most common spirit attachments are souls that have left their bodies and either have unfinished business here or have become lost and confused. While these beings tend not to be harmful when they are attached to us, they interfere in our free will, and maybe distort us with their own agenda. These beings benefit from help, and we can help them transition, which is of great service.

There are also a host of ETs (aliens – yep you heard me right.) Alien beings that have an agenda.  The most common sorts are known as Greys, and look very similar to Paul in the movie Paul by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost! 

And if this wasn’t bizarre enough there are Orions that look like Darth Vader! When I first saw an Orion I couldn’t believe it, I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me, but the interesting thing is the healer that was supporting me, also perceived the exact same thing.

Some beings look like insects, some like strange creatures, and some more like animals that we know.  Some appear as a dark presence, but again the key thing is, unless the being loves you unconditionally, it will be playing havoc with your energy.

So why are entity attachments a problem?

As suggested above, any attachment that is not unconditionally loving, will be interfering with your energy in some way. You may be feeling tired, confused, hearing voices, or being impelled to do things that are not 100% your own free will.

As light-workers, entities are much more problematic as we rely on source energy to help heal, and any attachment will interfere with our ability to get a strong connection to the source energy.  

I have heard fascinating stories of people believing they are doing their soul work and purpose, because their team or guide has told them to, (unconditionally loving beings rarely tell us what to do), only to discover they have been manipulated by a very clever being.  These people have often been sick, and really drained.

I worked with a client who was well aware of their connection to alien beings and was having great success in their career working in the tech industry, gaining downloads, ideas, and inspiration; however, they were very sick. When I explained that this was an effect of working with the Ets, they realised it was time to stop. It was an emotional farewell, but one which helped them recover and become healthy.

So how do we know if we have an entity attachment?

The answer is that it can be tricky. There are signs, but there are no definite answers.

The most common signs are hearing voices, and seeing visions, but there can be a lot of subtle signs such as:

  • Twitches or unusual movements
  • Hearing thoughts that aren’t yours
  • Sudden on set of emotions
  • Feeling ungrounded or clumsy / having accidents
  • Overly tired. Lethargic or manic
  • Addictions or lack of free will
  • Feeling depressed or anxious

One of the funniest entities I have had was one that adored marmalade; for around 2 weeks I couldn’t get enough of it.  I was trying marmalade with everything. I recall really loving marmalade and peanut butter, but I even tried marmalade with much stranger combinations. It was only after a while that I questioned this strange new addiction, and booked myself in for a healing, and sure enough, I had a cheeky marmalade-eating friend attached to me!  

When we have addictions, we can also attract entities that match that frequency, so addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, food, etc can leave us open to entity attachments

How to clear entities?

The best way is with a healer who is experienced, who has a good understanding of this work, and who holds a lot of light in their body.

The work of Raym Richards ‘Crystal Dreaming™’ specializes in this work, and I have been fortunate to study with him on numerous occasions and teach students this modality.

Entities or beings can only stay with us if, at some level / reality / lifetime / dimension, we have given them permission, so the key to clearing beings is understanding when and how we have given this permission and then to break contracts.

Crystal Dreaming ™ is the modality that has taught me the most and opened up my healing practice to doing this work.

When the client perceives for themselves the entity and when and why they gave permission, the clearing work is easy.

If it’s not possible to have a face-to-face Crystal Dreaming™ sessions, the advanced distance session can also work.

It is possible to clear entities yourself, however, I always find it easier to do the healing work with someone else, being intuitive and having a clear inner eye enables me to easily perceive entities in others, but not so easy to pick up and clear on my own. 

If the world of entities, and the unseen world appeal to you, I’d highly recommend reading Raym Richards’s books Alchemy of Crystals and Spirit Guide

If you believe you have any type of interference or are fascinated by the unseen world, then book a Crystal Dreaming session with me.

Published by Laura Hamblyn Holistic Therapist

I live in the UK, in a large town north of London, I am devoted to my spiritual path, and I’ve discovered that real joy comes from service, I am a qualified healer and therapist, meditation teacher, a vegan chef, and a solo mother to a wonderful child.

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