Are Ghosts Real?

I love it when people say to me, do you believe in ghosts? It’s often the start of a fascinating conversation about the paranormal. I always have believed, and I can recall as a child dabbling with Ouija boards and the like (not something I recommend now knowing what I know). This article aims toContinue reading “Are Ghosts Real?”

The Strength of a Woman

None of us know what another is going through We all have our own journey  We are love and light and yet here in human form to learn and grow And this human experience gives us so many opportunities to look deep inside of us, and choose love, choose to see the goodness, choose notContinue reading “The Strength of a Woman”

What If Tomorrow We Only Have What We Are Grateful For Today

When I read this, it really brings home how important gratitude is.  There are times when I feel so busy, I don’t stop to be grateful, I don’t note all the goodness in my life.  We are so busy working, raising families, socialising, having fun, or just busy doing things we feel we need toContinue reading “What If Tomorrow We Only Have What We Are Grateful For Today”